The Expert Agriculture Consulting and Referral Service in Southwest Kansas 


At Heartland Agri Consultants Group our heritage has fostered a vast array of solid connections from Person to Person, Person to Business, and Person to Land.

“Mel is experienced in a vast amount of fields. It would be impossible to touch base on all of them. He is a self-made man”

Tim Dewey, Tim Dewey Farms, Cimarron, KS

 It’s crucial to know that as your trusted advisor, Heartland Agri Consultants group can refer you to a customized reference and point of contact for your agribusiness needs.  Heartland Agri Consultants has garnered lasting relationships with financial institutions, local and state government, livestock and crop producers, real estate brokerages, wind energy and more.

“For thirty-seven years, I have worked in the life insurance business, dealing with farmers all over the Midwest. I have to work with their accountants, attorneys and other farm consultants.  I have never worked with a trustee/ consultant that was more knowledgeable, more organized or more committed to his clients than Mel Crist”

Richard McNaught, CFP, CLU