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First ,congratulations on your new venture and best of luck.  Second, I know with your years of experience you would able to give clients sound advice.  Third, I would be glad to serve as a reference should you have a client that would request one.                                             Ed Banning

Ag Management Consultants

As the owner of Minter Wilson Drilling Co., Inc.  I worked professionally with Mel Crist for the last thirty plus years.  I have found Mel to be professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of farming.  Aspects including but not limited to Management, High Yield Production, Water Wells, Pumps, Sprinklers, and understanding the aquifer.  Mel has good relationships with other professionals, tenants, and government agencies such as the Division of Water Resources and the local ground district.  I have always enjoyed working with Mel.
Larry Wilson

​Minter Wilson Drilling Co., Inc.

I have known Mel for near 45 years and we share a lot of the interest in life.

This reference letter explains my connection to Mel Crist. We share the same interest in agriculture,have consulted each other for many years and respect his opinion very highly.

 Mel is familiar with every segment of agriculture from fertilizer, chemicals, seed varieties and so on,basis and yields at the FSA office and all kinds of marketing. All of which takes constant updating and study.  Mel has a pilot license as well as a real estate license and is very up to date on Real Estate in western Kansas.  He understands equipment used for full farming methods as well as no till methods and every segment of harvesting.

Mel is experienced in a vast amount of fields. It would be impossible to touch base on all of them. He is a self-made man.

Tim Dewey

Tim Dewey Farms

As one of the families that have major concerns about the future of agriculture and also how our young people carry our values forward I certainly see a need for a competent agricultural consultant in today's climate.

Mel Crist has been a close personal friend as well as a fellow producer for the past 40 years and I have every confidence that he not only knows the business but also has the ability to pass along that knowledge to the next generation.  His work as a consultant through the years for area clients has been very successful and I feel he is reliable and trustworthy.
Dean Gigot
Circle Land and Cattle

As a member of the agricultural community as well as owner of a national cattle magazine, I have had the opportunity to observe how our rural individuals cope with matters such as succession and/or family inheritance.  The sooner those matters are taken care of, the more successful the enterprise and many times, a mentor or consultant can help pave the way to a good outcome. Mel Crist has a reputation for taking care of business, not only his, but that of his clients, for many years and I feel his new enterprise will be a value to farmers and ranchers who need some help putting their affairs together.  I would highly recommend him in that field.
Betty Jo Gigot Publisher/Owner

Calf News Magazine

I have been farming in the Finney and Scott area since the early sixties.  I grew up knowing who Mel was but didn’t get to really know him until 1997 when Mel and his dad Leland approached me and my son Dallas about renting their farm land in Finney County.

  Leland was retiring and was having Mel oversee his part of the farm.  After working with Mel for 17 years I have found that he stays on top of what is going on in the Farm Programs, Insurance Markets, and Land Sales.

  Mel and I have bounced ideas off each other over the years and I have enjoyed hearing what he had to say when I was having a problem.  After working with Mel, I have found him to be up front about everything.  If he see’s something that he thinks can help out on the farm and improve our profit margins he will let you know.

  Mel has been someone I can sit down and work out any problems we may be having, or trying to stay out front of all the changes that keep coming in the farming business.  Most of all, I have found him to be honest with me and that has meant a lot.
Albert Savolt (Sonny)

For thirty-seven years, I have worked in the Lite Irisurance Business, dealing with farmers all over the Midwest. I have to work with their accountants, attorneys, and other farm consultants.

I have never worked with a Trustee/Consultant that was more knowledgeable, more organized, or more committed to his clients than Mel Crist.
Richard McNaught

Prudential Insurance

 I have known Mel Crist for approximately 20 years.  During that time I have gone to him with many questions regarding agriculture and property sales.  Mel has always been first class in providing his knowledge regardless of the situation.  We have worked together on several projects and have marketed over 19,000 acres of farm properties together.  He always places his clients’ interests before his own.  I have witnessed how he has helped families with their long term goals and he has been a tremendous consultant for them as they made their plans.  

Mel was raised on a farm and understands the ins and outs of what needs to happen.  He has a unique way of finding the answers needed for the ultimate success of his clients. The size of a job or project does not present any issue for Agri Management Services. In fact, he thrives on a challenge.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend a client to explore what Mel has to offer.
Scott Shuman   

I have known Mel Crist for many years. He has always been fair in all of our dealings. He has a tremendous knowledge, in all aspects, of farming. I have dealt with him in regards to marketing, government programs, crop production, land management, chemicals and applications.  Mel is not afraid to be straight forward about what he is thinking,which I appreciate. He was involved in his own family farm and understands family relations and interactions.

Larry Smith


J&L Smith Farms

"Mel Crist has always been a tremendous resource for us, with a great understanding of agriculture and many of the major participants, in particularly in southwest Kansas. We have always found Mel to be frank and genuine in his assessments and communications - benefitting our work in the Garden City area."
RD Schrader

President, Schrader Real Estate & Auction Company

Mel Crist has been a customer of Western State Bank for many years. Furthermore he has been a family friend. In my experience, Mel has always been 110% professional and went out of his way to provide exceptional quality management of his own farm and those that he managed.

Michael J. Palen

President Western State Bank

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